here you will find the main essays I write translated to English by Luciane Maesp (luciane.maesp@gmail.com) "fogo baixo" means low heat in Portuguese, and the objective of my newsletter is to share my slow cooked ideas about food, cooking and gastronomy. that's why I publish only one essay every last week of the month.

the last 2021's issue is here: shorter, a bit melancholy, and a preview of two themes for future essays
asserts the communicator, anthropologist, researcher, professor, and co-author of the scientific divulgation site Comida na Cabeça (in English…
a note on how we face the exotic
"Ceasing meat-eating postpones the environmental apocalypse for dozens of years. It reduces the impact but does not solve the situation", says the…
on individual solutions and the lack of systemic vision in the so-called ethical diet
selected and planted by families in the Semi-arid region, seeds ensured food and sustenance after the historic drought and during the worst period of…
on chicken feet, the tweeting microcosm, and the performance of the press when covering food, cooking, and gastronomy
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